Neural machine translation is a relatively new and innovative technology making significant waves in the localization industry.

It allows for exceptional productivity and yield on large volumes of translated content for potentially massive efficiency savings.

But, the complexity of natural language is such that even NMT is not a technology that can be applied blindly across the board to all content and all languages.  

Quality and creativity are key factors; and so SpanSource works in partnership with our clients to assess the suitability and real end-use requirements of each project to determine whether we can recommend the deployment of NMT.

Additionally, we use the very best NMT software available hand in hand with traditional translation CAT tools, Translation Memories, Term Bases, Glossaries and Style Guides, to fully realize any and all related historical leverage.

This allows us to deliver a customized translation that meets the highest quality standards, ultimately optimizing our work flow for unrivaled speed and efficiency.

Machine Translation Post-Editing

Post-editing consists of carefully reviewing and correcting the output of machine translation engines.

At SpanSource we have responded to the growing requests of MT solutions by developing a team of experienced linguists as post-editors to review, correct and perfect MT content.

We can offer light post-editing when translations are required for informational purposes, or heavy post-editing when human-quality translation is required, generally with publication in mind.

Post-editing directly addresses concerns over quality and mistakes that can result from machine-only translation.  It complements the MT process to guarantee quality as well as maximize productivity, more quickly and efficiently than otherwise possible.

Neural Machine Translation and Post-Editing