Multilingual Desktop Publishing

SpanSource takes care of the complete reproduction of a document in the intended target languages. This involves not only translating the content but also working in the native authoring tool or tools to mirror the source page layout. From localizing images with text in Photoshop or Illustrator, to working with fonts size, kerning, page margins and line spacing in InDesign or Quark, localizing a document for print poses challenges related to text expansion, character encoding, bidirectionality, among others, that only an expert can handle.

SpanSource Desktop Publishers can work with most formatting applications and document types into multiple languages.

Desktop and Digital Publishing

Online Publishing and Multimedia

When online publishing is involved, specs are different from print and SpanSource has the required expertise to produce web content and documentation meant for online publication. This includes working with markup files, such as html or xml, reproduction of animations from scratch, voiceover studio recording, subtitling, integration of course files with sound tracks and final QA testing.

Our project managers and production team work closely to carefully analyze each project request then collaborate with our client to advise and offer support and solutions from the outset, for a seamless and efficient workflow throughout every stage of a project lifecycle

Centralized administration of non-linguistic tasks in a multilingual environment establishes a single point of contact for expedited troubleshooting of common issues, streamlined communication and a common platform for operational decisions and knowledge sharing.  This ensures consistency in quality standards and deliverables, reducing administrative overhead and, as a result, increasing profitability.

SpanSource has successfully completed large multimedia training packages in Western and Eastern European languages, complex bidirectional ones such as Arabic and Hebrew and technically challenging ones such as Chinese and Thai.

From voice integration to dubbing and subtitling, to voiceover recording in different locales, SpanSource provides a one-stop solution for multimedia production and engineering at competitive rates.