SPANSOURCE warrants that the multilingual translation and localization services offered by the company comply with the quality required by ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015 international standards.

SpanSource defines Quality as follows:

  • Consistently meeting our customer’s expectations
  • Delivering consistent quality across projects and languages using standard methodologies and metrics
  • Designing and controlling internal processes and quality by means of a monitoring system that generates statistical data
  • Applying a Resource Management methodology that ensures effective procurement for projects and tracking of resource performance.

In addition, we understand that:

  • Quality is synonymous with customer satisfaction.
  • Quality is a global experience, not an isolated one.
  • Quality is built-in, not added on.
  • Quality is the result of creativity, innovation, high standards and customer centricity.

Based on the above, this Quality Policy sets forth the following guidelines:

  • Management's commitment to meet all explicit and implicit customer demands, requirements and expectations, as well as any legal and/or regulatory requirements, in accordance with the following specifications:
  • Recruitment of professional and qualified resources with extensive experience in each corresponding domain of knowledge.
  • Documentation and application of adequate pre-production, production and post-production processes in a controlled environment.
  • Use of appropriate tools suited to different production stages (translation memories, terminology consistency, numerical value consistency, digital publishing, etc.).
  • Meeting client deadlines based on accurate planning and scheduling.
  • Risk assessment and mitigation.
  • Development of training and refresher programs for employees and collaborators.
  • Management's commitment to provide employees and collaborators with all necessary human, technical and economic resources to achieve the established objectives and goals.
  • Management's commitment to establish continuous improvement processes in all areas of the company's operations.

This policy is kept up to date with periodic changes, in line with adjustments to production processes.