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   Who We Are | Our Philosophy

Our working philosophy puts customers first in all respects. We are a service-oriented, customer-centric team of people willing to go the extra mile to provide added value to our customers.

At the core of SpanSource’s service level is linguistic excellence at a low cost, coupled with strong project management skills. We have managed to bring together a seasoned workforce of permanent in-house employees and free-lance resources who have honed their translation skills over a decade of involvement in large translation and localization projects spanning a diversity of verticals and disciplines. Such resources are indispensable at the time of making the right linguistic decisions to reach your target market or audience where they live.

With a database of professionals across the whole of Latin America, Spain and the United States, our linguists go through a strict evaluation procedure that tests their linguistic proficiency with respect to accuracy, style, appropriateness, lexical variety, register and country standards.